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Hear from Nomad Users


May 28, 2022

1k x YES

Amazing experience both at home and abroad. So easy to use. You can travel without anxiety.


May 02, 2022

Simple, good choice

Streamlined and explained process. Good app.


Apr 07, 2022

Really great service

I have free international data with my US phone carrier but it’s SOOOOOO slow. Nomad solved that for me. 10 days in Australia and I paid $11 for normal speeds. It was totally worth it. Great customer service too, as I purchased an additional plan accidentally and they refunded me with no questions. Would definitely use again.


Mar 10, 2022


Good for secondary phones for data usages. I tend to watch Netflix, play cod mobile and browse social media. Seem to stand up to my expectations so far!


Dec 10, 2021


Utilissimo vivo in America e è veramente comodo!!


Nov 14, 2021

Great for travelera

This app is a lifesaver! I can’t believe I used to pay so much for data when traveling internationally and had to go through all the trouble of exchange tiny SIM cards. For my recent trip to Mexico, I discovered this app through esimdb which ranks this provider No.1. Paid $18 for 3Gb - so cheap!!! Will be using this app for all my international travels in the future.


Nov 09, 2021

Great for business travelers

Amazing service. I travel a ton globally and Nomad has made it super easy for me to gain connectivity instantly. I’ve also found rates to be super competitive with local mobile plans!


Nov 09, 2021

Amazing travel companion

This app makes internet access so easy and affordable wherever I go. $3 per GB when I went to Canada is ridiculously good! Would recommend.

Marcus G 2010

Oct 29, 2021

Great travel data plan

Good rates and easy to use.


Aug 27, 2021

Got my data plan fast and easy

Compared to going through waiting for my SIM cards and a lot of processes, I got my data plan through nomad within a few min. Easy to use. Great plan as well!


Aug 07, 2021

Super convenient

I traveled from Singapore to the US for a three weeks long vacation and this eSIM card works perfectly. Great access of network and no issues of activation or network quality at all. Plus it is really value for money. For two cell phones I only paid $35 in total. Highly recommended


Jul 27, 2021

Good, efficient, cheap

I used this app when I go to Japan to join the Olympic. It works fine and stable to connect with my family. It always gives customers some promo code. I really enjoy exploring this app.


Jul 04, 2021

Really useful

When enjoying the trip, there are many things I want to share with my friend.Without internet connections, I can do nothing.Thanks to the app, no worry about data packs.It’s really useful and helpful.


Jun 29, 2021

Awesome app, especially useful for travel!!!

I recently went on a trip to France, and Nomad was a lifesaver! I was easily able to buy an eSIM data plan before leaving for my departing flight. Once I landed, it was easily activated and worked perfectly. Paid about a third of the price my friend paid for to get a physical SIM in France. Speeds were super fast, even when I was hundreds of meters offshore. Would recommend this app to anyone looking to travel!!


Jun 24, 2021

Very good

Very helpful for me to travelling


Jun 24, 2021

Very useful when traveling

You can easily convert the network data when traveling and no more work to do.


Jun 21, 2021

Easy to use

Very convenient app to have when traveling, it’s very easy to use. Would recommend for everyone who travels a lot.


Jun 19, 2021


This app really help me solve my network issue without SIM card, saving my time and easy to use. BTW, really nice design and user friendly!


Jun 18, 2021

Must have app for travelers

Simple and useful

mama roro

Jun 18, 2021

Cheap and so convenient!!!

If you travel frequently this app is a godsend!! When I upgraded to my new iPhone, an Apple Store employee mentioned that iphone models 10 or newer (I think) have eSIMs. I didn’t realize it at the time but that’s HUGE for me bc I travel a lot (pre and post COVID) and need data wherever I go. I’ve used this app to get cheap data in Canada and the UK so far and I’ve been so PLEASED with the quality of service. Also was so easy to use — didn’t have to go get a local prepaid SIM in person or speak to ATT customer service, it was all just in the app. 10/10 would recommend and definitely gonna use this instead of ATT international plan from now on.


Jun 18, 2021

This is the right product for traveling

I used this app when I traveled Indonesia. The price is reasonable. And I can search any plan I needed. Besides, the device signal is strong. I can connect the internet in some remote area, such as Komodo. Download it if you have plan for traveling abroad!


Jun 18, 2021


Very good app with cheep domestic and international data plans. Used it few times and it worked good.


May 14, 2021

Great Canada plans

I have been using Nomad along with my Freedom mobile call / text plan. Nomad’s plans are by far the most affordable and are high speed - I get great service in Ontario with their plans. So far, I’ve been able to bring my mobile bill down to $17/month by using Nomad + Freedom. Love this app!


Apr 12, 2021

Must for travelers

This is so convenient for traveling!

Apple Controller

Jan 25, 2021


I suggest to have an unlimited plan with a monthly cost, thanks


Jan 06, 2021

Some good plans

The price for HK and UK is very good - 5GB plan worked well for me. Some plans are not as cheap.. it would be better if they had lower pricing..


Dec 15, 2020

Great marketplace for international data plans

I found Nomad easy to navigate and have good coverage on countries for data plans.

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